Calling All 15-18 Year-Old Youth

There is no more important time to listen to youth. This week, the current administration announced a decision to end DACA, and threaten to take away the only home hundreds of thousands of American youth have ever known. We stand in solidarity with Dreamers and their families, and will fight for their right to remain in their communities, including the GR!DC community. We also want to do all we can to make sure youth voices are heard, and for that, they need to be amplified.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce that applications for our first ever year-round YOUTH ADVISORY BOARD are NOW OPEN!

Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members will be a group of 5-10 teens that meet to strengthen their communication and leadership skills and make GR!DC more youth-driven. The program aims to give young folks a louder voice in deciding GR!DC’s priorities, direction, and major organizational decisions.

You should apply to join YAB if:

  • You will be 15-18 years old by our first meeting (October 21, 2017).
  • You have participated in a Girls Rock program at least once before (this includes Girls Rock! DC Summer Camp, After-School Program, or a Girls Rock program in a different city).
  • You care about GR!DC and about creating change in your community!

Want more info? Click the link below to apply to be a Youth Advisory Board member right now!

Click here to find out more and apply to be a youth advisory board member.

The Youth Advisory Board is a year-round leadership opportunity for GR!DC youth. It is separate from the at-camp Youth Leadership Program, and youth are welcome to apply to both. YAB members DO NOT have to attend GR!DC Summer Camp 2018 (though it’s great if they do)!

This program is the first step in creating a permanent, year-round youth decision-making presence at Girls Rock! DC. It was formed to be a leadership body for GR!DC teens, but the exact scope of its work will be explored and defined by its 2017 members. First and foremost, the Youth Advisory Board will consult with the adult leaders to make decisions about GR!DC’s future priorities and actions. If you still have questions after taking a look at the application, you can email

Learn all the details and apply to be a youth advisory board member today!

Deadline to apply is SEPTEMBER 22, so don’t wait!

With rock camp love,
The GR!DC Leadership Team

The Fine Print
Participants will be selected by adult GR!DC leaders on the basis of eligibility and with an aim to ensure that participant’s viewpoints and experiences are reflective of GR!DC’s camper base. Metro fare support and snacks will be available!
The Youth Advisory Board will strive to create the most inclusive, safest space possible for all applicants and participants. As is the case at all Girls Rock! DC programs, we do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or any other form of discrimination and bigotry. We also strive to create a YAB that reflects the diversity of our youth and the DC community and strongly encourage youth of color, youth who are queer, gender non-binary, and/or trans, and any folks who come from traditionally oppressed experiences to apply to be Youth Advisory Board members.

Thank you for GR!DC 10!

Thank you to all the performers, volunteers, supporters and attendees at the showcase!

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If you couldn’t be at the event, hear about our history from these folks:

Official photography coming soon from Farrah Skeiky of Dim Sum Media.

Kojo Nnamdi Show, June 29, 2017

A Womans Bridge, July 1, 2017

Girls Rock! DC Turns it out at TEN!

Y’all, we are so grateful and losing-our-minds-excited to invite you to this year’s TENTH GIRLS ROCK! DC summer camp showcase!

Doors – 10:30am
Show – 11:00 am

Tix: $12 at the door
Kids 8 and under FREE!


Our birthday wish is to continue creating the safest space possible for our all of our campers to feel included, accepted, seen and heard. For them to create change through music, RISE UP and ROCK OUT.

All week, Girls Rock! DC campers (ages 8-18) are going to be learning instruments, forming bands, writing songs, and gearing up for THIS SHOW. And it’s going to be truly amazing.

~Raffle prizes to win!~
~RISE UP ROCK OUT merch to buy!~
~Rock camp love to last a life time!~

The future of rock is in our hands. LET’S DO THIS!

*Hear about how the camp has grown and changed, listen to our feature on the Kojo Nnamdi Show from Thursday, June 29!