Girls Rock! DC Goals2008 showcase at the 9:30 Club

  1. To provide our campers with self-empowerment, self-advocacy and leadership skills and guidance to use these skills in a positive and ethical manner, as well as opportunities to practice these skills.
  2. To provide our campers with the team-working skills and practice spaces they need to successfully participate in a collaborative musical group and create their own original musical expression.
  3. To develop among our campers a sense of history, community and pride for women in rock, including a sense that they are part of that movement and can affect positive social change through the tool of music.
  4. To provide basic and advanced instruction in instrumentation and creative composition of a song.
  5. To introduce campers to the experiences of musical recording and performance.

Girls Rock! DC Principles:

  • All Girls Rock! DC camp activities will promote and maintain the personal and emotional safety of all campers and staff regardless of socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation or other individual identities.
  • Girl Rock! DC will function administratively as a non-profit, non-hierarchical, woman powered, volunteer organization that demonstrates and operates within the female empowerment and collaboration standards our camp seeks to promote in our campers.