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Call for Board Members!

Girls Rock! DC is excited to announce that applications for our first formal Board of Directors are now open!

After 10 years, GR!DC is shifting our leadership and operating structure from an informal, volunteer-based “Leadership Team” to a three-part structure including a formal Board of Directors, year-round staff, and a Youth Advisory Board.

We hope this new structure will create a sustainable way of growing GR!DC and building its future as an organization devoted to youth power, art, and gender justice.

We are looking for new faces and voices to lead the GR!DC movement, and we hope you, the GR!DC community, will help us find our new board members. If you’re interested in joining the board, read the application materials and click the link below to apply! If you know someone who would be a great fit, share this with them!

What will the new board do?

We envision a GR!DC Board of Directors that helps guide our organization and programs, providing leadership and oversight to a team of professional and volunteer staff. The board will assist in the hiring of the new Co-Executive Directors, and then work in conjunction with them to set long-term goals, oversee organizational finances, raise funds, and ensure that all of GR!DC’s actions are sustainable, scalable, effective, and aligned with our mission, values, and priorities.

Who should apply to be a board member?

Applications are open to any person age 18 or above who cares about GR!DC’s mission and is ready to work to further that mission. We are looking for folks who believe and trust in the power of DC youth affected by gender oppression, particularly girls, trans and non-binary youth. Previous experience with GR!DC is not required!

Please click here for more detailed information on Board Roles & Responsibilities.

It is imperative to GR!DC that our adult leadership is a direct reflection of the experiences and identities of the youth in our community. We need a board with the appropriate and relevant combined experiences to effectively guide our organization into the future. GR!DC parents/guardians and people who grew up in Washington, D.C. are encouraged to apply! We also believe our movement will be strongest when it is one that centers and is led by those most impacted by intersecting structures of oppression. We strongly encourage applications from folks holding one or more of the following identities or experiences: people of color (especially but not limited to black, brown, Latinx, and indigenous folks), trans, two-spirit, non-binary, queer, poor and/or working class, immigrant, non-native English speaker, woman, femme and/or feminine, visibly and/or invisibly disabled, neurodiverse, as well as any other historically marginalized identity or experience.

We recognize that identity and language describing identity is complex. Our aim in naming these identities is to value and elevate the voices of those who have been underrepresented in positions of power.

Additionally, we seek board members with strong organizational, planning, finance and accounting, legal, fundraising, social justice, and related experience.

 Please click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

Click here to apply for the GR!DC Board of Directors. 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until January 15. Please contact with any questions or concerns. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Rock camp love,

The GR!DC Leadership Team

Youth Leaders interviewed for Kojo Nnamdi Interview, June 2017.

Thank you for GR!DC 10!

Thank you to all the performers, volunteers, supporters and attendees at the showcase!

Please share our story! We are accepting submissions for photos, press/blog coverage, or video to (please remember to add your name to the properties to get receive artist credits!) and follow us @girlsrockdc on Instagram and Twitter or like us on Facebook!


If you couldn’t be at the event, hear about our history from these folks:

Official photography coming soon from Farrah Skeiky of Dim Sum Media.

Kojo Nnamdi Show, June 29, 2017

A Womans Bridge, July 1, 2017

Girls Rock! DC Turns it out at TEN!

Y’all, we are so grateful and losing-our-minds-excited to invite you to this year’s TENTH GIRLS ROCK! DC summer camp showcase!

Doors – 10:30am
Show – 11:00 am

Tix: $12 at the door
Kids 8 and under FREE!


Our birthday wish is to continue creating the safest space possible for our all of our campers to feel included, accepted, seen and heard. For them to create change through music, RISE UP and ROCK OUT.

All week, Girls Rock! DC campers (ages 8-18) are going to be learning instruments, forming bands, writing songs, and gearing up for THIS SHOW. And it’s going to be truly amazing.

~Raffle prizes to win!~
~RISE UP ROCK OUT merch to buy!~
~Rock camp love to last a life time!~

The future of rock is in our hands. LET’S DO THIS!

*Hear about how the camp has grown and changed, listen to our feature on the Kojo Nnamdi Show from Thursday, June 29!