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Thank you for GR!DC 10!

Thank you to all the performers, volunteers, supporters and attendees at the showcase!

Please share our story! We are accepting submissions for photos, press/blog coverage, or video to (please remember to add your name to the properties to get receive artist credits!) and follow us @girlsrockdc on Instagram and Twitter or like us on Facebook!


If you couldn’t be at the event, hear about our history from these folks:

Official photography coming soon from Farrah Skeiky of Dim Sum Media.

Kojo Nnamdi Show, June 29, 2017

A Womans Bridge, July 1, 2017

Girls Rock! DC Turns it out at TEN!

Y’all, we are so grateful and losing-our-minds-excited to invite you to this year’s TENTH GIRLS ROCK! DC summer camp showcase!

Doors – 10:30am
Show – 11:00 am

Tix: $12 at the door
Kids 8 and under FREE!


Our birthday wish is to continue creating the safest space possible for our all of our campers to feel included, accepted, seen and heard. For them to create change through music, RISE UP and ROCK OUT.

All week, Girls Rock! DC campers (ages 8-18) are going to be learning instruments, forming bands, writing songs, and gearing up for THIS SHOW. And it’s going to be truly amazing.

~Raffle prizes to win!~
~RISE UP ROCK OUT merch to buy!~
~Rock camp love to last a life time!~

The future of rock is in our hands. LET’S DO THIS!

*Hear about how the camp has grown and changed, listen to our feature on the Kojo Nnamdi Show from Thursday, June 29!

Volunteer stipends

Girls Rock! DC is excited to offer all volunteers payment in the form of a stipend for their time and labor during this summer’s programming, including We Rock! Camp and our youth summer camp! By offering stipends for the first time, we hope to make volunteering at GR!DC’s programs more accessible to adults who otherwise would be financially barred from the experience, especially people of color and of other historically marginalized identities.

In recognition of the fact that all labor has value, we will be offering payment based on the amount of time someone volunteers, as opposed to whether they are in a “leadership” role. Since certain types of labor, such as child care and food preparation, have traditionally been considered “women’s work,” and therefore under/nonvaluable, we think it’s important to interrupt this cycle and offer payment to every volunteer, regardless of their role. The general payment structure is as follows:

We Rock! Camp (amounts are for the entire weekend)

  • $200 for full-day volunteers
  • $100 to half-day volunteers
  • $50 for workshop instructors

Youth Summer Camp

  • $500 for full-day volunteers
  • $250 to half-day volunteers    
  • $100 for workshop instructors facilitating sessions for all 3 age groups      
  • For example, if you volunteer a half-day Monday ($50), a full-day Tuesday ($100), a half-day each Wednesday-Friday ($150), and one workshop for all three age groups ($100), the stipend awarded would be $400.

While the stipends are offers and can be refused (as a donation to GR!DC), we encourage anyone who feels they need their stipend to accept it! GR!DC will not require any documentation of financial need.

We recognize that personal experiences are more complex than can ever be expressed through identity categories. At the same time, all of Girls Rock! DC’s programs seek to be a place where those who come from historically marginalized and silenced experiences  have the chance to take up space, stand up, and rock out.


When deciding whether you will accept your stipend, we encourage volunteers to keep in mind that marginalized folks across many identities experience systemic financial barriers that have historically prohibited access to experiences such as volunteering at summer camp. These stipends are meant as a starting point towards making camp accessible not only to our youth, but to adult community members as well.


We couldn’t do this work without all our amazing volunteers, and we are excited to build with you this summer and beyond!


With rock camp love,


The GR!DC Leadership Team


*Edited June 20, 2017 to reflect feedback we received regarding previously posted pay disparity statistics that were not inclusive or reflective of all experiences and identities.