Volunteer Year Round

Girls Rock! DC isn’t just for one week a year. We are working hard 365 days a year. We are a volunteer fueled non-profit that thrives on the skills and talents of our excellent community.

After School Programming

Building on 10 years of summer camp, Girls Rock! DC is proud to announce our new after school program for girls, non-binary, and/or trans youth from 8th to 12th grade. GR!ASPers will build their self-esteem and receive instruction for multiple instruments including drums, guitar, and more…

For more information on After School Programming frankie@girlsrockdc.org


We are always looking to partner with organizations whose mission and goals align with the GR!DC mission. These partnerships often include fun and important events. GR!DC needs you and your support with these partnerships and events. Read more on our Partnerships page.

Pre-Camp and Organizing Positions

Committee: Programming

Program Committee guide the content and priorities of GR!DC both during
camp as well as throughout the year including visioning and planning of yearround activities including after-school programming.

Committee: Volunteer

Volunteer Committee works to recruit, retain and engage volunteers both during Camp Week as well as throughout the year through cultivation activities and events.

Committee: Events

Events Committee works to engage the community of volunteers, friends, families, and supports both during Camp Week as well as throughout the year with events, benefit shows, and trainings. Events support programming through friend- and fundraising opportunities!

Committee: Development and Fundraising

Development Committee works to make sure GR!DC can do what we do! Through in-person and online fundraisers, grant writing and supporter cultivation, DEVO supports the mission of GR!DC by securing our funding.

Committee: Communications

Comm Comm works to spread the GR!DC message. Through the website, social media, design, print media, Comm Comm ensures the world knows about GR!DC.

Committee: Campers

Camper Comm is GR!DC tour de force for our excellent campers. Camper Comm works to organize recruitment events, camper applications, camp logistics, coordinates with families and guardians, and everything else camper related.

Committee: Administration

Administration Committee is responsible for the nuts & bolts of GR!DC; an integral part of the family. Admin is responsible for organizational strategy and priorities, logistical coordination and support.

Committee: Equipment

Equipment Committee is responsible for securing and maintaining all the equipment we need to put on each year including instruments, accompanying equipment and in-kind donations.

Committee: Food

Fuel the movement! Girls Rock! DC is seeking one to two volunteer food coordinators to solicit and organize food and food donations prior to our camp in July, and to run food operations during the week of camp. This is an extremely important volunteer position, without which camp cannot happen.

About the volunteer job: Roles prior to camp include soliciting donations from businesses and from individuals willing to provide meals. It will also be helpful if you were able to attend a couple of leadership meeting prior to camp. During camp week you will organize helpers in assembling and distributing camper lunches, organizing camper snacks, and putting out donated food and coffee for the volunteers.There will be a need for a small amount of organizational and record keeping work to wrap up the camp season.

Who should apply: This position is open to all genders. While it is helpful to have been at camp before, it is not at all necessary. This is a great way for a non-musician to get involved, as well as an ideal position for those who prefer not to work directly with children. A car is a plus but one may also be available for borrowing if needed.

Time commitment: Commitment is from now through camp (July 27-August 1) and its breakdown in August. Between now and July’s camp, you can expect to spend about an hour per week prepping for camp meals and lining up donations. The 2-3 days before camp will involve several hours of buying supplies and setting up your kitchen kingdom for the week. At least one coordinator needs to be on site at all times during camp weeks (9-5). Camp breakdown occurs on August 1, but you may want to spent a couple of hours after that time organizing your records and supplies. After that, year-round involvement is possible.There is the option for joining the leadership team if you’re interested.

Resources for you: You have at your disposal excellent and thorough files from the previous coordinator, who was extremely organized. The school may also provide some food, and some supplies remain from last year. You’ll be given a budget based on past spending and a credit card to use at Costco etc. A leadership team member with previous food experience will partner with you and be available to answer any questions.

This team solicits grocery stores, local restaurants, bakeries, pizza joints, etc. to provide food for the camp week. We need A LOT of beverages to keep campers and staff hydrated each day as well as ample amounts of juice, coffee, tea, and pastries/bagels for our volunteers every morning.