Youth Leaders

We are thrilled to announce that our first ever YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM!

Youth Leaders will be a group of 5-10 teens that meet to strengthen communication and leadership skills as well as to make GR!DC more youth-driven. The program aims to give young folks a louder voice in deciding GR!DC’s programming.

Youth Leaders are:

  • 16-18 years old at this summer’s rock camp (June 26-30, 2017).
  • have participated in a Girls Rock program at least once before (this includes Girls Rock! DC Summer Camp, After-School Program, or a Girls Rock program in a different city).
  • care about creating change in your community!

Youth leaders are campers and still receive instrument instruction, participate in workshops, and form DJ crews or bands. They also plan & lead activities including assemblies and workshops!

This summer’s Youth Leadership Program is the first step in creating a permanent, year-round youth decision-making presence at Girls Rock! DC. It was formed to be a leadership body for GR!DC teens, but the exact scope of its work will be explored and defined by its 2017 members. Additionally, this summer’s youth leaders will have the chance to develop into a year-round youth advisory board that will consult with the adult leadership team to make decisions about GR!DC’s future priorities and actions. If you have questions , you can email

Youth Leaders also complete the standard summer camp application.

The Fine Print

The meeting dates will be chosen to pick dates/times that work best for this group of members. So when applying, be sure to give us as much information as possible about your schedule and availability! Remember, youth leaders will begin meeting in the weeks & months BEFORE camp.

Participants will be selected by the GR!DC leadership team on the basis of eligibility and with an aim to ensure that participant’s viewpoints and experiences are reflective of GR!DC’s camper base as a whole. There will be an opportunity for compensation – more information to come!

The Youth Leadership Program will strive to create the most inclusive, safest space possible for all applicants and participants. As is the case at all Girls Rock! DC programs, we do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or any other form of discrimination and bigotry. We also strive to create a YLP that reflects the diversity of our youth and the DC community and strongly encourage youth of color, youth who are queer, gender non-binary, and/or trans, and any folks who come from traditionally oppressed experiences to apply to be Youth Leaders.